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MarsQuest Online

Three resources are available (Family Guide, Classroom Activities, and a link to the Digital Library for Earth System Education). The Guide is useful for science centers, planetariums, and after-school programs. It is also of interest to classroom teachers in helping to engage student interest at the start of standards-based lesson plans. Five classroom activities are engaging ways to integrate the topic of Mars into your classroom. They (a) cover topics relevant to Mars and the rover missions, (b) work well as "stand-alone" activities that do not depend on one another, and (c) enhance topics often found in many science programs. DLESE is a free service that helps educators and learners at all levels find valuable, online resources for teaching and learning.

Space Weather Center

How much do you know about Space Weather? Try your hand at some of the questions in the Q&A section. The Glossary and Science Briefs have more information to help you out. The Solarscapes curriculum presents middle school students with a short, focused study of the physical nature of the Sun. This standards-based curriculum, which was designed to enhance the Institute's traveling exhibition, Electric Space, is available to download. Resources also include the Family Guide to the Sun, several briefs and reports, two powerpoint presentations, and a links page.

Alien Earths

The Alien Earths Exhibition has an extensive Education Program designed to help you make the most of the exhibit experience whether you are a museum educator, parent, teacher, or simply an enthusiastic learner! The program includes enrichment activities (e.g. Scavenger Hunt, Puzzle Page, Explore the Universe), in-person and virtual workshops, downloadable science resources (E-Guided Tour, and Background Science), connections for bringing scientists and other public programs to your host venue in connection with the exhibit, and a comprehensive link page.